The Holy Nagore Saint

Where is Nagore?

Nagore is an important city of Nagappatinam District, located in the state of Tamilnadu, India. It is about 145 kms south of Tiruchirappali and 325 kms north of Chennai and beautiful surroundings the Sea of Bay of Bengal.

Note : The important holy church of the christian the Velankkanni Holy Temple near by (Around 25 kms) from Nagore and The Holy Temple of the Hindu's the holy Tirunnallar Saneeswaran Temple is also located near by (Around 25 kms) from Nagore.

How to reach Nagore from Chennai ?

To reach the Chennai Airport can be easily take flight anytime from your city. It is a second nearest airport of nagore.It is about 325 kms from the city of Nagore, located in the state of Tamilnadu, India. The easier way is to take a train and bus to the Nagore city.

By Air : Chennai Airport, about 325 kms from Nagore. Fly in to Chennai. Thereafter, take a train or a bus to Nagore.

By Train: Nagore is well connected with the Chennai Railway Station. You can get direct trains to Nagore from Chennai, Cochin, Tiruchirappali and Tanjore.And connecting train from Tiruchirappali and Tanjore to All over the India. To reach from other cities, you will have to change transit trains at one of the mentioned connecting locations.

Note : Every day from chennai to nagore 1 direct trians service available in night time from chennai. To reach nagore next day morning 5.30am.

By Road: Direct Bus services is available in morning every 2 hours and evening every 1 hour to Nagore from Chennai Koyambedu Bus Terminal. It is a largest bus terminal in India. Connecting transit bus service also available from Chennai to Nagore every 30 Minutes. Route Map is : Chennai to Pondicherry and Pondicherry to Nagore.

Note : Luxury Air-Con Bus Services also available in the morning and night time from Chennai Koyambedu Private Bus Terminal to Nagore.

Note : You can take direct buses following routes : Nagappattinam, Velankanni, Vaetharanyam and Karaikkal. (From Karaikkal to Nagore just 12 kms, every 10 minutes bus services is available from Karaikkal. You can to take  Nagore direct bus or take Nagappattinam,Velankanni buses to reach nagore.)

How to reach Nagore from Tiruchirappali ?

Nagore can be easily accessed through air, train or road. While the nearest airport is about 145 kms, in the city of Tiruchirappali, located in the state of Tamilnadu, India. The easier way is to take a train and bus to the Nagore city.

By Air : Tiruchirappali Airport, about 145 kms from Nagore. Fly in to Tiruchirappali. Thereafter, take a train or a bus to Nagore. Direct Bus services is available for every 30 minutes to Nagappattinam from Trichirappali Central Bus Station. From Nagappattinam to Nagore just 5 kms, Direct Bus services is available to nagore for every 5 minutes from Nagapattinam Big Bustand.

By Train: Nagore is well connected with the major cities of India through a Railway network. You can get direct trains to Nagore from Chennai, Cochin, Tiruchirappali and Tanjore.And connecting transit train services from Tiruchirappali and Tanjore to All over the India. To reach from other cities, you will have to change transit trains at one of the mentioned connecting locations.

Note : Every day from Tiruchirappalli to nagore 5 direct trains services is available since morning to untill midnight.

By Road:
Regular Buses services operate from most cities. However, Karnataka State, Kerala State, Andhra Pradesh State and Pondicherry State, offer a good frequency of service. During the Nagore Urs (Festival) time, one can find additional bus services from other cities as well.

Note : Direct bus services available to Nagappattinam for every one hour from Tiruchirapalli Central Bus Station. Direct bus services available to Nagore for every 5 minutes from Nagappattinam Big Bustand. You can take from Nagappattinam to Nagore following all kind of north side of the Nagappattinam rout buses : Karaikkal, Thittechery, Chidambaram, Kadalur, Pondicherry, Chennai.
Travel From            Travel By                      Travel by Via                 Kilometre to Nagore         By Car              By Bus
Singapore                   Flight                         Chennai (03h 55m)               Around 325 Km                 05 Hrs               07 Hrs

Malaysia                      Flight                         Chennai (03h 45m)               Around 325 Km                 05 Hrs               07 Hrs

UAE,KSA                    Flight                          Chennai (03h 45m)               Around 325 Km                05 Hrs               07 Hrs  

France                         Flight                          Chennai (15h 15m)               Around 325 Km                05 Hrs               07 Hrs

Srilanka                       Flight                          Chennai (01h 05m)               Around 325 Km                05 Hrs               07 Hrs   

Srilanka                       Flight                          Trichy     (  45 Min  )               Around 145 Km                03 Hrs               04 Hrs

                                                                                     Airlines Services to Chennai  
From Singapore:     Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Indian Airlines, Air India Express, Srilankan Airlines,
                                     Jet  Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, All Nippon Airlines, Emirates, Tiger Airways.

From Malaysia   :     
Malaysia Airlines, Indian Airlines, Air India Express, Srilankan Airlines, Air Asia.

From Dubai        :     
Emirates, Indian Airlines, Eithad Airways, Srilankan Airlines.

From France      :     Lufthasha Airlines, Delta Airlines, US Airways, Jet Airways, Air India.

From Srilanka    :     
Srilankan Airlines, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines. (To Trichy - Srilankan Airlines)

How is the Nagore Climate ?

Nagore Temperatures are normal during summers upto 30 degree, it is between March to July and during winters season upto 24 degree, It is between August to October. Nagore has a beautiful Rainy season between November and December of every year. The all months of the year is best period to visit Nagore.

Which Places to See in Nagore ?

Nagore has a many palces to see and can get peace with happy. Listed is below:
1.  The Big Minaret (Fifth Minaret)    -  The Tanjore Maratha King  Prathap Singh build a Big Minaret. It has the Maharastrian Architectural design. This minaret is called as
"Big Minara".It was year of built in 1177  Hijiri  of Islamic year. The height is 131 feet.

2. The Dargha (Temple) Entrance  -  The Nagore Dargha Entrance will welcome you. It has shows like King's Palace. It is one of the great location of Nagore Dargha (Temple).

3. First Minaret                                     -  Ebrahim Khan Shahib of Jinji was built the first minaret according for his vow. This minaret  is called as "Sahib Minara". It is height 77 feet. It was year of  built in 1055 Hjiri of Islamic year.

4. Second Minaret                               -  Nalla Syed Maraicar of Nagapattinam was built second minaret. This minaret is called as "Thalaimattu Minara". It is located at the head side of Our Holy Saint's Rawla Shariff. The height is 93 and 1/2 feet.  It was year of built in Hijiri 1100 of Islamic year.

5. Third Minaret                                   -  Peer Nainar a friend of Nagapattinam Nalla Syed Maraicar at Melacca was built the third minaret. This minaret is called as "Muthubaq Minara". It is built near Muthunaq Shariff of Nagore Dargha (Temple). It is height 93 and 1/4 feet. It was year of built in Hijiri 1110 of Islamic year.

6. Fourth Minaret                                  -  Justice Dawood Khan of Parangi Pettai (Portanova) wished to constuction a minaret as his offering and  built fourth minaret. This minaret is called as "Oottu Minaret". It is height 80 feet. It was year of built in Hijiri 1128 of Islamic year.

7. Nadu Mandabam Dome                  -  Ebrahim Khan Jinji also built a beautiful dome in the centre of the Nagore Dagha (Temple) This is called as "Nadu Mandabam". It  was year of built 1055 Hijiri of Islamic year. To see it. It has shows like gold. It is also one of the beautiful place in Nagore Dargha (Temple).

8. The Nagore Holy Saint Entrance -  This is place of Nagore Holy Saint's Qutubul Akthab, Farthul Ahbab, Syed Saathath, Syedina Shaul Hameed Qadirvali Ganjasavai, Qadiri, Saththari, Chisthy, Saharvarthi, Badhusa Nayagam(Rali) Rawla Shariff (Darvaza),(Sannathi). 

Note :  Inside of the Rawla Shariff, Total 7 doors are there, The first 6 doors buill by silver and The 7th door built by Gold. Next to seventh door, the tomb of Nagore Holy Saint.

9. The Son of Nagore Holy Saint       -  The shrine name is Syed Mohammed Yousuf Sahib Qadiri Saththari (Rali) Rawla Shariff (Darwaza), (Sannathi), He is a only one great son of  the Nagore Holy Saint. Total 2 doors are there, Both doors was built by silver.

10.Daughter in Law of Holy Saint     -   This is place of  Syed Sulthan Beebi Amma Sahiba (Rali) Rawla Shariff (Darwaza), (Sannathi), She is wife of Syed Mohammed Yousuf Sahib (Rali). The Nagore Holy Saint Shahul Hammed Badhusa Married Syed Mohammed Yousuf Sahib (Rali) and this Holy Syed Sulthan Beebi Amma Sahiba (Rali). Total 2 doors are there, Both doors was built by silver

11. Oil Light                                             -  The beautiful Oil lights. It is a one of the beautiful miracles of Nagore Dargha, because of  95% pure water and added just 5% pure coconut oil in the glass. It is flaming daily. The glass height is just around 10cm.

12. Holy Saint's Foot Path                     -  The Goldsmith made the holy foot path for his vows. he forgot to put head of the foot path cover. He was given to holy saint, at that time he say, By interest to see youm i forgot to made head cover of foot path and request to accept my vows, The holy saint used it without cover.

Note : After The Nagore Holy Saint disappear from the world, The Nagore Dargha Shariff has covered fully the foot path by pure gold. To date, the devotees also can see the holy path.

13. Holy Saint's Ring's Stone               -  The ring stone of holy saint is located with 6th silver door of Nagore Dargha's main entrance.

14. No Partiality Place                           -  This is place called as Foot Path Putting Place. It is located between 4th and 5th silver doors of main entrance. In this place, we are flaming lights during open the holy saint's rawla shariff in morning and evening time. In this place, there is no partiality on any religion.

Note : Three symbols are there, First Symbol are shows moon and star, the emblem of Muslim, Second symbol are shows flaming oil lights due to hindu traditional and culture. Third symbol are shows christian cross symbol.

15. Meditation Tree Wood                    -  Around 500 years ago, the Nagore Holy Saint was taking meditation under this tree. This tree wood is located is behind the holy saint tomb.

16. Dargha Garden                                  -  It is beautiful garden in dargha shariff. It is located in behind the holy saint's rawla shariff and next to thalaimattu entrance.

17. Muthubaq Shariff                             -  This is house of holy saint. and holy saint was taking meditation and fasting from this house. In the present day, Mens can see and take prayer but cannnot stay. It has alloted for ladies prayer hall and staying for vows.   

18. Yaa Husain Palli                               -  This is Memorable place of Imam Hasan (Rali) and Imam Hussain (Rali). Every Islamic month of Muharam,celebrate the function in this place.

Note : After

19. Peer Mandabam                              -  After holy saint disappeared from the world. Then funeral prayer (Janaza Prayer) was conducted at a particular this spot. It is called as "Peer Mandabam". Every year on the 9th of Jamaidul Akhir, the Fakirs came to the above mentioned spot where Hazarath Mohsin performed the meditation. This location is now known as "Peer Mandabam".There they fast and meditate for 3 days. On 11th Jamaidul Akhir, they break the fast at the seafront.
Note : This Peer Mandabam building was built by the dutch authorities. It is located inside the premises of the dargha (Temple).   

20. Holy Tank                                           -  This holy tank located is behind of East Entrance of Nagore Dagha (Temple). Many of the devotees taking holy bath for their vows.

21. Silladi Dargha                                   -  The Holy Saint stayed at site a place for meditate. It is called as "Silladi". The Holy saint was having a shave done by a barber.At that time one ship was going down to sea due to hole of the ship. The Holy saint throw the barber mirror and it covered the hole of the ship, The ship peoples was saved by holy saint. This dargha is located in near by sea. The full history is updated in Dargha Places pages.

22. Vanjore Dargha                                -   In northern side, It is located in Just 2 km from Nagore. The Holy saint asked  the people there, dig a trench in the ground for him. Then he has got into it and remained in "Khalwath" for 40 days. It is a beautiful and peaceful place. The full history updated in Dargha Places pages.                   
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