The Holy Nagore Saint

Poems For My Great Grandfather

           In this section i just want to translate some of the poems already written by Yaa Khadir Murathu Hasil Kethab for the Great Wali of Nagore. The two benefits of poem writing are that they can capture the history in rhymes and easy to grasp. My humble poems for the Beloved of Allah swt.

                                                                             Translate by : SK Bava Bahrudeen Sahib
                                                                                                                                                                                                            S/O S.M.B. Sulthan Kabeer Sahib
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 Poem 1

To the Impoverished lad
Thou yield gems with glad
To the poor pernicious sinner
Thou comfort him to be a winner

Thou cured thy father’s affliction
During pre life in Allah’s contemplation
Will thou not turn thy eyes to me - pleased?
And cure me as I am diseased!

Oh good Lion King!
Saints searching thee in multitude twinkling
The learned praised Prince!
Altering the poor face wince


Poem 2
Living in Nagore
Oh King
Beliving in thee
That you may bring

Glad Tidings
For the grieving
Shahul Hameed
A Soother for the Believing

Manica kappoor is thy place of birth
Thor art diamonds’ worth
When the prince brought his gift
By the sea thy lived

Cloves brought from faraway
And the crowds blown away
Oh Sage thou art the Ocean of Mercy!
To the good and the Needy !

Thou art Oh Chief
Who gave relief
To thy father who was ill
While living in thy mother’s womb in still

Thou art Oh Chief
Who gave relief
And made a pan afloat
Overwhelmed in the river moat

Thou art Oh Chief
Who gave relief
And guarded the assets of the people
From the looters in surrounding ripples

Thou art Oh Chief
Who gave relief
And removed scarcity
And fed the people with food plenty

Thou art Oh Chief
Who gave relief
To a woman who called upon thee during her labour
And made it painless by your magical favor

Thou art Oh Chief
Who gave relief
Prepared rice as food
Without any firewood!

Thou art Oh Chief
Syedu Abdul Kadir!
True Faith spindrift
Oh Guardian of Nagore Shariff!

Poem 4

Thou art the ambit of Reason
Oh Ganja Savai Kadir Meera!
Blessing like falling leaves in changing season
Our chief Kadir Meera!

Oh Pure Light of Nagore!
Shining on its Fame Scroll
From Prince Hassan Khuddus of Mahnik Kappore

A Lighthouse from Nagore Wall

Whosoever believe in thee
Blessed will be
Running to thy doorway standing still
Hidden burden to thee I spill
True believers blessed and free

With hope to receive, I retreat
A solace for my teething grief
Whosoever believe in thee
Blessed will be
True believers blessed and free

My hands are barren
Only tears from heart saddened
Calling upon thee with earnest and honesty
That thou may arrive with certainty

Am I not thy offspring?
Have thy not heard my prayer,
Art thou not my King?
In the name of Rasul Oh Mayor?

Will not thou raise thy spiritual Hands
And appeal to Allah for my sake
If not for thee no light of strand
Divert a river to the empty lake

Thy child Dada Usuf Wali
Sultan Bebi Amma the holy
A boat twin oar
Oh King Hameed!
Make our vows speedily soar
And make it complete!

Poem 5

Eternal Rahman’s Luminous break
Oh King , Shahul Hameed !
Progeny of the Prophet Oh Grand Shaik
Oh King Shahul Hameed !

Of The Great Wali Mohaiyadeen’s breed
Oh King Shahul Hameed !
Extinguisher of Illness in parading steeds
Oh pure generous Shahul Hameed!

Cured Thanjai King on death bed
Oh King, Leader Shahul Hameed!
The lustre and Pillar of Tauhid
Oh Sultan Shahul Hameed!

The Pure Brilliance of Hassan’s heart
Within thee Oh Shahul Hameed!
Mother Fatimah’s stare of sparkling bright
Thou art O King , Shahul Hameed!

Giver of bounties for those in need
Bathusha Fakir Hameed!
14 Orders Wise Head
Oh King Shahul Hameed!

Hindus Christians praises prepaid
Oh Beloved Teacher Haja Hameed!
Why then thou have not heard my hopeful needs?
Oh Father Shahul Hameed!

Revived the long unknown deceased
Oh beloved Shahul Hammed!
Thou art The King of Walis
Oh Prince Shahul Hameed !

The Jinn clans shivering fear
Whilst devotees utter thy name in prayer
Oh Shahul Hameed!
Together the shaitan sprint and sway!
Oh Arif Hameed!

Thou art Mohamad Ghous Kualiyar gift
Oh King, Shahul Hameed!
Muttakin praises thee in prayer
Oh Mursheed, Shahul Hameed!

Say " Oh Shahul Hameed!"
For painless death
Say " Oh Shahul Hameed!"
To make all trouble last breath
It will dispel all black spell
For I vision the Jinn, Shaitan trembling bell

The Celestial Light of Allah
The brilliance ray of Rasoolullah
Thou art Shahul Hameed
In Hazarath Ali and Ghousul Ahklam

I see thee vividly Oh Shahul Hameed!