The Holy Nagore Saint
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The Holy Nagore Saint
The Transcendental Celestial Light of Nagore

                                                                                          Light of Nagore 
                                                                                                 Yaa Khadir Murathu Hasil
                                                                                                Assalamu Alaikkum (Varah)
                                      Today is my great day in my life.I am just 26 years old (2009). I am elder son to my father. I am ineffably happy to come to this far in showing the world of my Great Grandfather's spiritual station. It was my wish a year ago when i requested this favour from the Holy Shahul Hameed in Nagore India. But it was a total shock to me that my ardent desire is unfolding right infront of my eyes.
I have at finally opened a page in the internet of the greatest awliya who ever walked in this earth 500 years ago and have fulfilled Allah's(swt) mission to pull as many progeny of Adam alaihis salam to the Straight Path drawn by our Almighty and the way of His beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Allah's Peace and Blessing be upon him).In this respect i am profoundly grateful to all those who have contributed to this internet world, Especially my sincere salutation and thankful to Almighty God, Prophet Mohammed (Sal) and My Great Grand Father Shahul Hameed Badhusa Nayagam (Rali).
                                      To date many people all over the world from all walks of lives and coming from different faiths have found an attraction in Nagore. They have found a common platform in Nagore. Their vows and needs are somehow fullfilled after they have visited Nagore. Only those who have tasted the sweetness and closeness of Shahul Hameed Kadir Oli will know what i am talking about. 

                                      I extend my prayers with the altar of my Great Grand Father in mind to you all good health, success and prosperity to enable you and your family members to get a life full of happiness and joy. May the Light of Nagore dispel and chase away the darkness in your lives Ameen.

SK Bava Bahrudeen Sahib, B.C.A.,M.H.R.M., D.H.T., (Singapore)
S/O Hazrath S.M.B. Sulthan Kabeer Sahib,
Nagore Dargha Hereditary Trustee,
Nagore Dargha Shariff. India.