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Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Dream Of Bebe Fathima -Part One
It was the year 1489. A cool breeze was blowing softly against the elevated palace of Beebe Fatimah. The palace was half shadowed by the darkness of the night and the other portion was well lid by the light of the new moon. It was a symbolic scene of a new period in the life of Beebe Fatimah who had been drowned in the grief of her baby son who has passed of a year ago.

Tears rolled down on the supple cheek of Beebe Fatimah calling the soul of her departed baby in her heart–‘Where have you gone my son?’ Her heart was welled with deep grief-an uncontrollable sadness engulfed her.

As she was in that state of despair leaning against the bamboo thatched partition of her balcony, which was overlooking the sea shore, a small white dot was seen floating at the horizon. Within minutes the dot became more visible in the still of the night.... [Part 2]

Beebe Fatimah soon realised that the dot was actually a dove approaching her balcony grounds. It landed on her balcony. Beebe Fatimah was a little puzzled and fearful of that scene as this lonely dove was supposed to rest at that wee hour like all the other animals.

Her fear was fuelled further when the dove began to talk to Beebe Fatimah. ‘O light from the generation of The Holy Prophet Muhammad may Allah gives thee peace. Thy grieved heart will be expanded with peace. Thy departed baby is now a fruit in the heaven. In his place, Allah has blessed thee a new wise child’

The dove continues, ‘Thy child will be like the Holy Prophet in character and he will be like Prophet Isa in compassion’

‘He will be the Quthoob of this time and he will be named by Allah as Shahul Hameed. He will install Islam in Hindustan’

‘He will separate truth from falsehood. He will spread the word of Islam in the four corners of the world. Finally, he will rest in peace in south of India. And his resting place shall be the door to the Wisdom of Truth until end of time’... [Part 2]


Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Dream Of Bebe Fatimah - Part Two
As the dove continues to talk, Bebe Fatimah came to her senses. How could a dove talks ? ‘Am I dreaming?’- she uttered in her heart. In that instant she felt a strange fear of the entire event. Just as she feared the dove also vanished from the spot.

An angel appeared before Bebe Fatimah and spoke ‘ Do not fear Bebe Fatimah’ The voice of the angel was so soothing that Bebe Fatimah fear faded. ‘O Bebe Fatimah Allah swt is going to bestow on you a new baby boy’

The utterance of the angel made her ineffably happy and in that moment she opened her eyes. It was a dream.

Bebe Fatimah could not believe that she had been dreaming. She wished it was real. She hastily woke her husband up to tell about the dream. ... [Part 3]

Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Dream Of Bebe Fatimah - Part Three
The dream of Bebe Fatimah put Hazereth Hassan Khoodus in a deep thought. As the dawn was nearing he proceeded to the Sultan Firoz Shah mosque to pray the morning prayer.

Hazereth Hassan Khoodus is a direct descendant from the progeny of Prophet Muhammand pbuh. Their parents came to Manicappur during the reign of Sultan Shah Feroz Shah. Hazereth Hassan Khoodus was a respectable person among the people like his parents.

As he was returning from the mosque he saw a large crowd rioting nearby. It is the usual scene here. Hazereth Hassan Khoodus was devoted to his religion Islam and he believed that a true muslim will not in any way force his ideology upon others. A true muslim whose predominant effort shall be to get close to his Creator and lead people by example, and not by enforcement.

‘To you be your way and to be mine’ verse 6 of Chapter 109 of the Al Quran crosses the mind of the noble Hassan Khoodus (RA) as he was entering his home….

Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Dream Of Bebe Fatimah -Part Four
Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth; a likeness of His light is as a niche in which is a lamp, the lamp is in a glass, (and) the glass is as it were a brightly shining star, lit from a blessed olive-tree, neither eastern nor western, the oil whereof almost gives light though fire touch it not-- light upon light-- Allah guides to His light whom He pleases, and Allah sets forth parables for men, and Allah is Cognizant of all things.

In houses which Allah has permitted to be exalted and that His name may be remembered in them; there glorify Him therein in the mornings and the evenings…”

As Hazereth Hassan Khoodus entered his house the above verses of the Al Quran was being recited by his wife Bebe Fatimah. As she realised that her husband return she ended her recitation and kissed the Book of Allah swt and want to attend to his need. [Part 5]

Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Dream Of Bebe Fatimah - Part Five
Hazereth Hassan Khoodus approached her wife with kindness and soon realised that there is some spiritual aura in her flawless face. As he probed into her eyes, he heard someone said to him the following words:

‘O father! Be patient. I am your spiritual son who is now in the womb. Soon to come out to this world and will be able to unite the mankind unto one with the will of Allah swt’

After hearing these words, Hazereth Khoodus realised the message and kissed her wife’s forehead with utmost care and said ‘Glory Be to Allah swt’


Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Worry Overpowered The People Of Manickapoor
                      The people of Manikapoor were worried. It was in the wee hours of the night. The people were overtaken by worry rather than a good night sleep. They were wide awake gathering outside the common area. It was because of the demand of the notorious robbers. They want money and belongings of the people by morning. Otherwise, the people of Manickappor should give them their women.

The disunited Hindus and Muslims were united with this common problem. While they were gathered they heard a voice of the soldier of Islam. ‘If they want our wealth and money we can give them but if they want our women then we will fight..dear brothers take rest and we will meet in the morning’ said Hassan Hazereth Khoodus

Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

Unborn Child Comforted Syeeda Fatimah
azereth Hassan Khoodus RA reached his house in the still of the night. His beloved pregnant wife Syeeda Fatimah was also awake waiting for the return of her husband. She asked "Have you resolved the problem and what have you decided to do?" Hazereth Hassan RA replied " Only God can open a door for this problem. We decided to wait till dawn".

Hazereth Hassan RA was fast asleep. But his wife who was beside him was not overwhelmed by it. She was also worried about the issue at hand and her heart was with the remembrance of God's name. Her heart wanted a solution. As she was closing her eyes falling into sleep she was awaken by a loud noise of shutting windows at her bedroom . She got up and tried to close the windows. The sky was pitch dark and there were strong winds with drizzle of rain. In that instance, she heard someone calling " mother! mother! mother!". She quickly shut the windows and went to bed. But the calling did not stop. "mother! mother! not worry for I am with you".

Syeeda Fatimah felt as though the child in her womb was talking to her. When she turned around she saw a small boy standing at the balcony smiling at her and she did not know what to do. The small boy spoke " Oh mother I am the unborn child in your womb. I understood your heart filled with the worry about the notorious people's demand. Do not worry mother for I am here to crush all bad intentions and I will chase them away"...



Holy History of Nagore Shahul Hameed Badhusa

How Shahul Hameed Destroyed The Bandit
he next instance, the boy saw a green horse descending from the sky. He ascended the horse back which was followed by 1000 angels of Allah swt. Bebi Fatimah saw them heading towards the abodes of the bandits who were occupying part of the village.

As the boy Shahul Hameed entered the abode together with the 1000 angels, there were noise and clamour coming from the part of the village where the bandits took rest. The next moment, the notorious clans ran screaming aimlessly out of the village as though a great calamity had befallen them. They were frightened by Shahul Hameed and his soldiers. The entire village was awaken by this noise and commotion.

One neighbour of Bebi Fatimah shouted ' Hey people, the bandits were frightened and running away from our village!. The prediction of Hazereth Hazzan Khudoos has come into being! Allah swt has saved us!'

As the noise dissipated, Bebi Fatimah heard the boy's voice again in the midst of the night. She saw him and wanted to embrace him but he vanished with a chuckle. The boy said to her mother ' mother I have chased away the bandits just for you and be patient for I will be born as your beloved child into this world in a few days'....